Nursery Rooms Renovation Complete! (With Before & After Photos)

Second only to our sanctuary where the worship of our Triune God takes place, the nursery is probably the most significant place in our entire church building. In the nursery, newborns and toddlers are first introduced to the house of the Lord. In the nursery, parents entrust their precious little ones to trustworthy nursery workers. Visitors and members alike should rightly expect a clean, sanitized, safe and secure, friendly, and competently staffed nursery before they agree to leave their most prized possessions there. 

At Salem Baptist Church, where we have intentionally selected a family equipping model of family ministry, we have made remodeling our nursery and revamping our nursery policy a top priority. This includes providing a clean, fun, and gospel-saturated environment for little ones to play and be cared for while parents participate in the teaching ministries of our church. Further, the nursery is a breeding ground for future generations of parents, as believing teenagers and young adults learn the basics of childcare under the wise instruction of seasoned parents and grandparents. 



As evidenced in Nehemiah, at various times in church history God makes a direct correlation between physical restoration of His church and heart reformation of His people. The restoration of our nursery may foreshadow God’s plans to bring reformation to the North Livingston Parish community. As you can see by these before and after photos, the physical restoration of our nursery is complete with the exception of a few punch list items. Future updates will include audio and video feeds from the sanctuary and further improvements to a nearby room that parents can use to ‘instruct’ children of all ages. This entire area is conveniently located down the hallway at the rear of our sanctuary. If you are a parent of nursery age (<4 years old) who is considering visiting us and would like a personal tour of our nursery and overview of our nursery policy, please send us an email through our contact form or call our church office. Our nursery page contains additional information about the care you can expect your child to receive.